Overview of Minutes Builder

Minutes Builder offers a streamlined process for turning audio recordings into meeting minutes and reports.

Upload and Transcription: Upload your recording and choose a report type like Summary, Carry Over, or Business Challenges. The tool transcribes a two-hour recording in about three minutes.

Accuracy and Formatting: Review the transcribed meeting minutes, formatted to industry standards with a 97% accuracy rate. Check for errors in names or abbreviations.

Customization: Add a custom header with your logo, company name, and contact information.

Integrated Notes Tool: Use the tool for taking notes, which will be linked with the minutes.

'Ask AI' Feature: Access quick answers on standards, compliance, or best practices.

Additional Reports: Create Summary, Carry Over, Challenges, and Follow-up Emails. The AI can generate draft emails for follow-ups.

Custom Requests: Request meeting insights or extract Q&A into a separate FAQ document.

Download and Share: Easily download or share your reports.

New Transcriptions and Reports: Start new transcriptions or create more reports with a simple selection and click. Record live conversations for transcription and analysis.

Organization: Create a project and add reports for easy access to related documents.

For assistance or questions, contact support@minutesbuilder.com or use our chat service.