API documentation

API Endpoints

POST Create Minutes


Generates Meeting Mintues and other outputs

Generates a transcription of provided download URL as well as conditional additional outputs as requested. Will return 403/402 errors based on missing input data from the user. If the user does not specify and additional tools will only return the transcription to the user.


downloadURL string Required

A download URL for a file uploaded to a public host.

tool array

An array of strings that contains all outputs which the user requests back from our servers. Accepted tool values are ‘meetingMinutes’, ‘summary’, ‘nextMeeting’, ‘challenges’, ‘newBusiness’.


			downloadURL: DOWNLOAD_URL,
			tools: ['meetingMinutes', 'summary', 'nextMeeting', 'challenges', 'newBusiness'],
			headers: {
				Authorization: 'Bearer ' + API_KEY,


Returns the videos transcription as well as the results of any additional tools that were requested by the user, any tool that was not requested is omitted from the response.

200 OK

  "transcription": "VIDEO_TRANSCRIPTION",
  "meetingMinutes": "MEETING_MINUTES",
  "summary": "SUMMARY",
  "nextMeeting": "NEXT_MEETING",
  "challenges": "CHALLENGES",
  "newBusiness": "NEW_BUSINESS"

402 Payment Required

User does not have enough credits in their account in order to continue with the transcription of the uploaded video.

403 Invalid API Key

API Key is either missing or does not belong to a valid minutes builder account

500 Internal Error